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Music Recording

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In your pre-recorded classes, you will learn how to:

  • Use Logic Pro X to produce music of any genre

  • Record vocals and instruments at home

  • Use effects processing to improve the quality of your productions

  • Mix and master your music professionally

By completing this course, you will earn a Level 1 qualification from NCFE or BTEC, this will be discussed with you further during induction.


course info

This introductory course will allow you to explore the concepts, tools and techniques used in music production in order to create a song of your very own. You will be personally guided through your learning journey by an expert music producer who will assist you in achieving your musical goals. This course is aimed at complete beginners but will also benefit those with some production experience as you learn the correct way of creating music using Logic Pro. Please click on 'Select course dates' on the yellow form at the bottom of this screen to check course dates and times. Whilst the course comprises of 4 formal sessions, you are given an extended period of time to work carefully and considerately on constructing your music and answering your worksheets to the best of your ability, under guided supervision and with recourse to a huge amount of Spotlight Multimedia’s learning resources (videos, instructional worksheets, forum dialogues etc.) which can be accessed throughout the entire 21/22 academic year. By completing this course, you will earn a Level 1 qualification from NCFE or BTEC, this will be discussed with you further during induction.

Session 1 (2 hours)

- Introduction to music production principles, terms and definitions

- Differences between audio and MIDI

- Use of loops in music

- Using essential tools and techniques within Logic Pro to create a short musical sequence

Session 2 - (2 hours)

- Recording audio at home (types of microphone, microphone placement etc.)

- Recording MIDI correctly

- Using effects processors (reverb, echo, distortion etc.)

Session 3 (2 hours)

- Editing audio correctly

- Timestretching

- Automation

- File types

- Copyright

Session 4 (2 hours)

- Mixing (EQ, pan, compression, limiting)

- Finalising and publishing your completed musical sequence under the supervision of your expert

  • Classroom videos recorded and uploaded to your Google Classroom to reinforce learning

  • Plenty of slideshows, handouts and other resources that are yours to keep


"Spotlight courses are always great (I've participated in L1 Film and L1 Music Production). The level 2 music production took my music to another level. Brad is a very well-informed tutor. The recording of audio and mixing were particularly useful"

Neil, London

how to enrol

1. Book your space on the course of your choice below


2. If you have entered a Gmail account when enrolling, then a link to your Google Classroom will be emailed to you shortly. If you do not have a Gmail account, then please create one and email this to ASAP

3. Send us proof of eligibility confirming your age and address - see here for more information


4. Log into the Google Classroom and prepare yourself for study by completing the pre-course activities (this will all be clearly explained in the online classroom)

5. Work your way through the tutorial videos and complete the relevant worksheets and practical activities each week (4 in total)

6. Complete and upload assignments to your drive in Google Classrooms. These are marked by our assessment team who will notify you if you have passed or not. If you have not passed, you will be given feedback on what needs to be adapted so that you can re-submit

7. Once your pass has been confirmed, a digital copy of your certificate will be emailed to you for free upon request (we can mail physical certificates to any UK address for £20 per batch upon request)

important info

• You will need to have a copy of Logic Pro X on a Mac computer to undertake this course. Apple offer a 30-day free trial for Logic Pro X which you can use whilst studying

• Please be aware that these are accredited qualifications – therefore you will be required to do both homework and paperwork as part of your learning with Spotlight Multimedia. These elements are non-negotiable and must be completed if you wish to participate in our free courses


Level 2 courses are a continuation of level 1 learning, in which advanced tools and techniques are covered. You must have completed the level 1 course before enrolling onto the level 2.


Complete this form ONLY if you are eligible for free courses (evidence of eligibility is required before starting).

WHAT If i'm not eligible? 

If you aren't eligible for free training with us, you can still undertake this course for just £295. Please go to to make payment and book your place.

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