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Cookies are used by nearly all websites including Cookies are small files which are generated when you visit a website and stored by your browser. Cookies store information to enhance your experience of a website.   

1. Cookies and Permission

We need your consent to use cookies. Consent is optional, you can alter your preferences at any time. 

If your browser settings accept cookies, we assume you are happy for us to use them. You can visit to learn how to alter your cookie preferences and delete cookies.


2. Our Use of Cookies


At Spotlight Multimedia we use cookies and Google Analytics (an analytical web service provided by Google) for the following purposes;


  • To track, manage and monitor website traffic. 

  • To Track how visitors reach our site 

  • To track the pathways our visitors take 

  • To aid and influence our marketing decisions 

  • To improve site design and user experience 


The only way to prevent these cookies from being stored is to not use this website or to delete the cookies from your browser once you leave the site. 


3. How to Control and Delete Cookies


If you wish to restrict cookies or block cookies, you can do so through your browser settings. The help function in your settings will assist you in doing so. For more information on types of cookies, how they work and how to control them, visit the following site:


4. Third-party cookies


We make use of third parties such as Youtube, Google Analytics and social media (including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Such sites may download ‘third-party’ cookies through our site. We do not control third party cookies, however you can find out how they make use of your data below and adapt your preferences accordingly. 


4.1  Youtube


Please click here

To see how Youtube and Google use your data, to disable cookies used by Youtube and google via your browser settings 


4.2 Google Analytics 


We use Google Analytics to track user activity on our site, information gathered is used to aid user experience, site improvements, and marketing decisions. 

Please read Google Analytics’ privacy policy to find out how they use your data.


4.3 Social Media 

Our site has links to our social media accounts. 


Each policy is listed below; 




Instagram -


5. The cookies Spotlight Multimedia uses:

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